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Pages of the Book

Music That Rocks

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This is a community for fans of the local L.A. rock band Pages of the Book. This community will replace rock_fluid. You see, Pages of the Book used to be Fluid, but have since changed their name. If you dig their music, you must join. Even if you've never heard them, you should join.

In addition to being a message board of sorts, this community will also contain updates from the official Pages of the Book website and mailing list. Even still, you should go check out their website, as it has music clips, a store, and whatnot.

I, the maintainer of this community, loki5, have no official affiliation with the band, other than the fact that my best friend (and soon to be best man) happens to be their lead singer, famous_rockstar.

NOTE: Whenever I post as the community or from the PotB website or mailing list, it will be under the name potb. If you see a post from loki5, you know that it is from me personally.